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Innovating new and improved Wastewater Treatment Plants, including RO Water Plants, Commercial Water Plants, Water Softener Plants, Mineral Water Plants and many other products offered at unmatched rates to our customers...

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It is said that man can survive for weeks without food but not more than a few days without clean water. The significance of water for human body can be understood by the fact that approximately 60 to 65 percent of our body is made of liquid. We, Aquagrat Water Purifier Pvt. Ltd., were founded keeping in mind this growing demand for clean water, the availability of which has become scarce owing to its widespread contamination. We are a leading Manufacturer of a wide range of water treatment solutions including Water Softener Plants, Cooling Water Plants, RO Water Treatment Plants, Industrial Water Plants and Mineral Water Plants.
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The Growing Need For Water Treatment

It is rightly said that, Water is life and clean water means health. Water is an essential part of human survival and covers about 96.5 percent of which only about 2 percent is fit for drinking. The incessant abuse of this vital resource has led to a decline in its availability and has increased the demand for purification systems that remove impurities and make water potable. Our products are designed for this purpose and are praised for their effectiveness at purifying water, without depriving one of essential minerals that have a huge impact upon the taste and health.
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